The Ritz-Carlton Residential Experience

The private center overlooking the oasis and swimming pools

The Ritz-Carlton residential experience begins upon turning off the resort entry drive. The entry pavilion and trellis shade structure provides a calming elegant entry in keeping with the entry experience of the nearby Ritz-Carlton Hotel. This is an entry to a private residential experience. The entry | reception pavilion overlooks the central oasis, which includes swimming pools and water features set within the abundant shade of the intimate garden courtyard on the level below. The Ritz-Carlton Clubhouse not only serves as the formal point of entry, but also houses the famed Ritz-Carlton residential services including the concierge, wellness center, meeting space, and movie theater. The large outdoor terraces on each level complement the indoor and outdoor lifestyle of the individual residences with common area fireplaces, an outdoor kitchen and bar, and a fully equipped kitchen for catering events and parties.


The architectural design of the Residence Club lobby and clubhouse echoes the architecture of the adjacent Ritz-Carlton Hotel, with modern forms and details inspired by the Camelback landscape and river canyons of the Southwest. The stone-clad building is designed to appear airy and elegant, with a unique stone structure, perforated with numerous glass openings like gems in the rough, and will seem to glow at night. The roof form is suspended over a glass pavilion, which allows the interior spaces to open to an oasis courtyard below. Connected by an open grand staircase, the meeting room and wellness center take full advantage of the views and direct access to the central gardens and pools.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences Site

Living within the gates

The Ritz-Carlton Residences are centrally located within the Ritz-Carlton Resort and Palmaraie Shopping experience.   The 12-acre site has direct access to the hotel and the shopping area through the oasis gardens from various points on the property.

Underground parking allows residents to park directly under each building and take an elevator to each floor.   The layouts of the buildings allow for a variety of private and public entry options, depending on the building.   Private garages of various sizes are also offered.   In addition, valet parking is always available for residents.


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