The centerpiece of the project is a new Ritz-Carlton resort and hotel (or luxury resort) which promises to be one of the finest properties of its kind ever built in Arizona.The hotel (Areas A & A1
on the Master Plan) is proposed to have 200 suites and bungalow rooms and 94 resor t residences. The hotel includes design features that will ensure its place as the premier resort destination in the region. Arizona’s dramatic natural environment provides the design inspiration for the new Ritz-Carlton Resort and associated development in ParadiseValley. In a lush pocket of the Sonoran desert with breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain, this legacy resort will provide a relaxing retreat for visitors drawn to the area’s natural beauty, 5-star recreational amenities, world-class restaurants, luxury retail stores, and a one-of-a-kind rooftop amenity to allow guests to enjoy unparalleled views
of Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain .The wide range of rooms and suites, with their corresponding square footage, will allow the resort to accommodate both short-term and long-term stays.

The hotel building massing will be horizontal and linear with a sinuous layout branching from a central axis echoing the iconic cottonwood and willow groves of Sonoran desert river valleys.The central axis, dominated by water features, has been oriented toward the direct views of Camelback Mountain.

The arrival experience to the resort will be built on a gentle rise that delivers the guest to the stunning Grand Lobby situated above the rest of the project and with open views of the nearby mountains.The Grand Lobby will be the highest point on the project and will create an iconic architectural presence for the new Ritz-Carlton.The resort will include water features that cascade down from the elevated Grand Lobby through the project, down to where the world-class spa will be located in the southwest portion of the property.

Further homage is paid to the natural order of the desert landscape by creating a new topography on site. The guest arrival experience from Lincoln Drive will occur over a slight incline to the hotel lobby where they will be received at the second fl oor designed some 22 feet above existing grade.The elevated prominence of the lobby will allow for an enhanced view of Camelback Mountain, and from portions of the public spaces, a view of Mummy Mountain and western sunsets.

The site has been designed so that the guestroom casitas, nestled in an oasis of vegetation, will be stepped down behind the lobby buildings in three separate tiers on either side of the hotel’s central axis. The central axis contains the hotel’s swimming pools and other water features positioned in a meandering layout in separate tiers stepping down to the Spa complex at the foot of the axis and located six feet below current grade. This will enable the spectacular views to be maximized while reinforcing the visitor’s sense of a river winding its way between canyon walls down the hotel’s
central axis and out towards Camelback Mountain.The 94 ResortVillas are much larger than normal resort rooms with superior amenities and design. Typical as with other luxury resort properties, the Residences will be available for private ownership with an option for inclusion in the Ritz-Carlton hotel guest suite inventory for nightly rental. Hotel Guests of the Residences will utilize hotel check-in upon arrival and will have access to all services and amenities of the hotel for the duration of their stay. The Residences play an important role and function for luxury properties of this type – they facilitate comfortable stays for larger families and higher profi le visitors who desire enhanced amenities and privacy.

The design for the resort hotel and residences will employ simple elegant forms to create relaxed comfortable spaces in the time-honored tradition of luxury architecture. Rooms and suites will be connected by quiet courtyard gardens and shaded walkways – evoking the sense of a village. Large windows with deep overhangs promote the resort’s indoor – outdoor living ethos and provide unobstructed views of Camelback Mountain and the dark star-studded skies of the Arizona night. The restaurants, ballrooms and meeting rooms also flow into adjacent outdoor spaces to take advantage of Arizona’s climate.

Building materials appropriate for a desert climate will be chosen to enhance a quality of organic desert-bred naturalness for the resort; local stone and tile, wood, plaster, and glass, will be used to promote a sense of modern elegance and intimacy while paying homage to the essential elements distinctive of the Sonoran desert.


Adjacent to the Hotel, the branded Ritz-Carlton Residences will offer whole ownership luxury attached residences. There will be 94 residential units within the two and three story buildings. In addition to the hotel staff, the property will have staff dedicated to serving only the guests of the Villas.

The architecture of the Residences follows the general direction of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel with
simple forms and natural materials. Each unit is oriented toward the views of Camelback and Mummy Mountains, and will have expansive outdoor patios, expansive balconies and plunge pools. The units will have high open ceilings with expansive windows overlooking the views. Deep overhangs and sun shades will add to the interest of the exterior facades.

In addition to having access to the Hotel amenities and services, the Residences will have additional Ritz-Carlton managed amenities and services, including a separate resort style swimming pool, lobby, concierge and underground valet parking.The Residences’ guests will check-in and use the valet services at the Hotel. Residence owners will have the option to self-park in either of their two designated parking spaces.


The hotel site slopes down, away from Camelback Mountain. In order to create and maintain views toward the mountain, the site is being re-contoured to raise the hotel lobby approximately 22 feet above existing grade. The hotel entry drive will rise up to the Lobby | Porte Cochere from Lincoln Drive.

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Current Development

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